Saints Twitter ruthlessly mocks Eli Apple during Super Bowl LVI

Eli Apple, Cincinnati Bengals. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Eli Apple, Cincinnati Bengals. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

Eli Apple burned bridges with the New Orleans Saints long ago, so it’s only fitting that Saints players and fans lay on the heat.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Martha Stewart’s recipe for roasted apples started trending after an unbelievably poor performance from Bengals corner Eli Apple in Super Bowl LVI.

The Cincinnati Bengals fell to the Los Angeles Rams in a soul-crushing 23-20 defeat, when the Rams came back in the fourth quarter to score a go-ahead touchdown.

The defender that let that TD happen? Eli “Burnt” Apple.

A brief defense for Apple: the Rams likely were going to score anyway after gaining a fresh set of downs in Cincinnati’s end zone.

But asking Apple to defend, out of all Rams players, Cooper Kupp, just seems….like a god awful idea.

On the second down, Matthew Stafford tossed a floater to Kupp who was wide open after easily beating Apple on a one-on-one.

Apple sauce.

New Orleans Saints joins Twitter hordes making fun of Eli Apple in Super Bowl LVI

Saints fans got in on the fun, too, and didn’t hold back to criticize the player who recently insulted the city of New Orleans for no reason whatsoever.

Apple got what was coming for him. He recorded five total tackles and one pass defended against the Rams, but his most memorable play by far was getting burnt by Cooper Kupp and allowing the Rams’ game-winning touchdown.

Saints and Giants fans already knew about Apple’s issues in coverage, but Bengals fans had to learn the hard way.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Cincinnati traded him this offseason. Once teams realize Apple is just all talk, maybe he’ll shut his mouth more often.

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Better luck next year, Eli. If you still have a team, that is.