Saints likely aren’t trading for quarterback with Sean Payton retiring

Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints talks with Jameis Winston (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints talks with Jameis Winston (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

Prior to Tuesday, the New Orleans Saints were a team frequently getting linked to some of the big-name quarterbacks who could be on the move this offseason. Well, now that Sean Payton has decided to step away from coaching, that is probably not the case anymore.

Not only are the Saints losing one of the best head coaches in the league but they have little intimidating weapons for a quarterback to throw to.

“Oh but they can turn to free agency!”

With what money? The Saints are $74 million under the cap. They’re not bringing in a talented receiver with their financial issues.

Yes, NOLA can turn to the draft and they likely will, but why would a quarterback want to sign with a team that has financial troubles, no weapons to throw to, and now doesn’t have an experienced head coach?

Sean Payton leaving takes New Orleans Saints out of QB sweepstakes

Russell Wilson had the Saints on two of his lists since bringing up his discontent with the Seahawks roughly a year ago. It’s doubtful the black and gold are still on his list the next time he discusses the situation.

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been linked to New Orleans much but what little interest he might have had in venturing down south is probably diminished now.

Derek Carr could have done great things with Payton at the helm but if Dennis Allen is the one who gets hired, he was Carr’s coach for four games in Oakland in 2014 and it didn’t go great. That one probably isn’t fair but it’s worth bringing up.

Payton was the reason New Orleans was an intriguing spot for so many of these quarterbacks wanting to be on the move and now the Saints don’t have that edge. Their defense is top-notch and they still have Alvin Kamara and a solid o-line but now the leader won’t be on the sidelines.

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It feels like the draft is now where NOLA will have to turn for a quarterback.