5 potential head coach replacements if Sean Payton leaves

Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images)
Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images) /
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New Orleans Saints
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3. Brian Flores

The Miami Dolphins shocked a lot of people by firing Brian Flores after three seasons. While on paper, not making the playoffs in three seasons seemed “fire-worthy”, Flores didn’t have much to work with when he got to Miami and he turned that franchise around quickly into a winner.

The reason Flores is a popular name this offseason is that his track record proves he can coach in the NFL. He’s also been linked to former Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, as reports circulated that with Flores out in Miami, Watson might not be as interested in going there.

If New Orleans were to land Flores, perhaps Watson would request a trade to the Big Easy to follow his dream head coach. The financial aspect of this would need to be worked out, of course, but this is a big reason why Flores has to be a candidate should Payton leave.

Flores is one of the more popular names this coaching cycle so it’d be tough for the Saints to land him. If they were to do so, however, he’d continue to make them a strong team, especially if Watson joined him.