Sean Payton answers the question on every Saints fan’s mind

Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

Who will be the New Orleans Saints quarterback in 2022?

Coach Sean Payton doesn’t know. But he sparked controversy during Sunday’s game against the New York Jets with his coaching attire — or lack thereof.

There Payton stood, furrowed eyebrows, black jacket, pacing on the sidelines with a clipboard in hand, and between his graying hair and Bose headset…no hat.

Where in the world was Payton’s hat?

The hat itself doesn’t necessarily having winning power, as New Orleans beat the Jets handily in Week 14 all while Payton was hat-less.

But seeing Payton with his full head of hair, unobstructed by a visor or hat of any kind was…weird, to say the least.

An unsuspecting TV viewer flipping through the channels may have landed on the Saints/ Jets game and exclaimed, “Patton Oswalt? Is that you?”

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton went hat-less against Jets in Week 14

Many Twitter users also shared their discomfort at the unusual sight:

Indulge us as we try to figure out exactly why Sean Payton wasn’t wearing a hat that game.

Maybe he wanted to show off his new haircut or, more likely, maybe Payton wanted to snap New Orleans’ five-game losing streak by changing up his wardrobe.

But Payton really doesn’t seem to be the type to believe in that sort of thing. Taysom Hill, sure, Payton will put his full faith in that player as if Hill were a religion (Taysomists would be the name of their cult following), but believing a hat in itself carries luck, coincidence, or some kind of voodoo magic isn’t Payton’s style.

Naturally, all athletes and coaches have their own superstitions, and Payton has a right to be picky about what hat he wears.

We don’t know what other clothing changes Payton might unveil next game (Jeans? Scarf? Mittens?), but all things considered, his hatless excursion may just be a one-time incident.

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Hat or no hat, the one sure thing on Payton’s mind is taking the Saints to the playoffs this season. Clothing be damned.