Saints Mock Draft: NOLA spends early picks on offense

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Round 7: Pick 232 – Jerreth Sterns, WR (Western Kentucky)

Why not draft multiple wide receivers? It’s a position of need, right?

Jerreth Sterns might have played at a smaller school but the numbers he put up in 2021 are no joke. The Hilltopper finished the 2021 season with 137 receptions (!!!!) for 1,718 yards (!!!!) and 14 touchdowns (!!!!). Those are some crazy numbers.

Yes, Sterns played in Conference-USA, which isn’t a super competitive conference but the dude was a baller at Western Kentucky and if he’s available late in the draft, the Saints would be crazy not to add him to their roster. Maybe he’s not an instant contributor but this team needs playmakers and Sterns is definitely a playmaker.

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This mock draft saw the Saints add a wide receiver and quarterback with their first two picks and then make it a point to hit the positions of need. The best value pick was Sterns in the seventh round, as he could bring that explosiveness he showed at Western Kentucky to the pros.

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