Saints Rumors: Russell Wilson still interested in joining NOLA in 2022

Russell Wilson (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Russell Wilson (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

In Saints rumors, per Jordan Schultz, Russell Wilson would indeed consider waiving his no-trade clause for three teams and one of them is indeed the New Orleans Saints.

Schultz tweeted the news out on Wednesday afternoon in a video explaining that the Saints, Giants, and Broncos are on Wilson’s no-trade clause list as of now. Last offseason, the Saints were one of four teams Wilson was interested in potentially joining.

This could just be a silly rumor as of now, but Saints fans are going to take what they can get. Wilson is a Pro Bowl quarterback capable of winning games for teams and he’d absolutely take NOLA from a below-average team to a Super Bowl contender.

Saints Rumors: Russell Wilson would waive no-trade clause for NOLA

The Seahawks have recently said they aren’t interested in trading Wilson over the offseason but the team isn’t going anywhere this season. They have no first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft and that could work to the Saints’ advantage here, as they’d be picking 11th if the season ended today.

The Giants, unfortunately, have a higher draft pick than NOLA and they have two first-round picks, which could sweeten the pot for Seattle. Denver has the offensive weapons that Wilson might be interested in catching passes from.

There’s no doubt that New Orleans has the coaching advantage between these three teams, though, so each team has its own benefits. That’s probably why Wilson is interested in joining any of these three squads.

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Wilson to New Orleans in 2022 would be great news for the Saints and would put them back in the contender conversation once again. At the same time, however, fans shouldn’t get too excited about this because it could mean nothing. He very well could end up back with the Seahawks and this could all be for naught.