Week 10 loss didn’t hurt the Saints as much as it should have

Marcus Davenport, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images)
Marcus Davenport, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images) /

The New Orleans Saints lost to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday and while it was an ugly loss on the surface, was it really that bad in the grand scheme of things? Yes, losing sucks no matter how it happens but the Saints didn’t really get hit all that hard with their 23-21 loss to Tennessee.

Let’s break this down, shall we?

The Saints’ offense was bad throughout yet they lost by just two points. Brian Johnson failed to connect on two extra-point attempts, which, in theory, cost them the game. If he makes those — or even just one of them — this team has a solid chance to win a game where their offense did very little until the final quarter.

In case you weren’t paying attention to the rest of the games, the Buccaneers lost to Washington, meaning NOLA didn’t lose any ground in the divisional race. They’re still very much in the NFC South race and have the tiebreaker over Tampa Bay, for what it’s worth.

With the rest of the NFC playing out the way it did, New Orleans didn’t even lose any ground in the playoffs either. They were the No. 6 seed entering the weekend and — despite a loss — they’re the No. 6 seed exiting the weekend.

New Orleans Saints not hit hard by loss

Losing is unfortunate, yes, but things could have been so much worse for New Orleans. They proved they can compete without Alvin Kamara and with Tampa Bay losing, they’re still a contender to win the NFC South.

I know it feels like doom and gloom for the Saints right now and I get it — This offense has been laughably bad. At the same time, however, doesn’t it feel like things could have been much worse? The Bucs could have started to really grab hold of the NFC South title and run away with it but they coughed up a winnable game to the Football Team.

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Hopefully, the Saints learn from these past two losses and realize how fortunate they are that everything else broke their way this weekend.