New Orleans Saints: 3 quick takeaways from Week 9 loss to Falcons

New Orleans Saints quarterback Trevor Siemian - Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
New Orleans Saints quarterback Trevor Siemian - Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /

It’s such a New Orleans Saints thing to take down the Buccaneers in thrilling fashion and then go on to lose to a team like the Falcons. That’s exactly what happened on Sunday, as the Saints couldn’t get anything going against a not-very-good Falcons squad.

Let’s take a look at three takeaways from the loss to Atlanta.

Receiving game is a joke

I could have also titled this “drops galore” because it felt like anytime Trevor Siemian let the ball go flying, the receiver who was being targeted couldn’t haul it in. Sean Payton made a comment earlier in the week that he didn’t care about PFF grades but maybe he should start caring because these receivers aren’t getting it done.

I was originally not wanting Odell Beckham Jr. on this team due to the drama that surrounds him wherever he goes but he’d have had a big game on Sunday assuming he could hold onto the football.

Siemian did what he could

I get that the quarterback is up for criticism whenever he takes the field but it was hard to be angry at Siemian for what transpired on Sunday. As I mentioned above, whenever Siemian sent the football someone’s way, that player didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, dropping catchable balls. It was beyond frustrating.

Siemian finished his first game as the Saints starter by throwing for over 200 yards and two touchdowns. Again, it was hard to be upset with T-Money Sizzle considering who he has to throw to. The Saints need OBJ more than anyone at this point but why would he want to play for this offense?

Saints made a game of it after struggling early on

I had to rewrite parts of this article because it was mostly negative due to the game being a blowout in the fourth quarter. The Saints were trailing 24-6 with over 10 minutes remaining in the game but then all of a sudden, they made a game of it.

Unfortunately for them, their comeback was too little, too late.

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The Saints are going to have to win games on the back of their offense and right now, no one feels confident if that ends up being the case. Siemian isn’t the problem or at least wasn’t in this one but the receivers are really, really bad.

This was a bad loss to a bad team but now the Saints have to rebound, as they’re hitting the road for their next two games.