Saints could technically trade for QB Deshaun Watson this offseason

Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

The word “technically” breeds controversy.

The player “technically” stepped out of bounds, but the refs still called it a touchdown. The coach “technically” had a wife, but he still danced with random women at the bar. Deshaun Watson is “technically” innocent until proven guilty.

To use the word once more, the New Orleans Saints could technically acquire Watson this offseason, but should they?

Following news that the Texans QB won’t be traded at the deadline, Watson will remain in a franchise that he’s wanted out of since last January.

Watson’s unsettled legal situation reportedly resulted in the QB not getting traded, which is just a small, consolatory kernel of karmic justice.

Watson currently faces 22 pending civil lawsuits and 10 criminal complaints alleging sexual assault or sexual misconduct during sessions with various massage therapists in Houston.  Watson has not been charged with a crime, though local police and the NFL are still investigating Watson’s conduct.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has not sought any disciplinary action so far, but it seems more and more likely that Watson will get off mostly scot-free.

Once the NFL trade window re-opens in March of 2022, Watson can try to start fresh on a new team.

Pray that team isn’t the Saints.

New Orleans Saints: A 2022 trade for Deshaun Watson could eternally stain franchise

In the modern NFL, Watson is about as problematic as they come. A long list of controversial football players have cropped up and since been buried in recent years, and it’s not like the Saints will be morally superior by rejecting Watson on the basis of his legal issues.

But are the Saints really going to begin their new era, one preceded by the harmonious reign of Drew Brees, with…Deshaun Watson with center?

Teams could do worse, the tiny devil on the shoulder whispers.

Now in his fourth year in the league, Watson’s streak of three consecutive Pro Bowls will be snapped in 2021. He was on the cusp of a glorious NFL career with the Texans, passing for a league-high 4,823 yards last season and scoring 33 touchdowns against seven interceptions.

There’s no question about Watson’s skill and talent as a starting QB, but the haziness that surrounds his personal life and, inevitably, seeps into his NFL persona can’t be ignored.

The Saints may bemoan the turnover-prone quarterback play of Jameis Winston, but no matter how many picks he throws, Winston won’t besmirch a franchise (Sean Payton can simply tighten that leash.)

Watson, with his looming cloud of never-ending controversy, “technically” could.

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So yes, we suppose this does come down to morals after all. Is Watson worth the draft assets and a deal with the devil?