Saints: Sean Payton shuts down QB trade rumors after Jameis Winston’s injury

Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

In a conference call on Monday, head coach Sean Payton spoke exactly six words to shut down rumors that the New Orleans Saints were searching for a new quarterback.

When asked whether he was looking to add to the Saints’ quarterback room, Payton said:

“We’re satisfied with our quarterback room.”

When another reporter phrased the same question slightly differently (“Are you looking to bring a quarterback from another team?”) Payton once again answered matter-of-factly:

“I think I just answered that question.”

Riveting stuff from one of the greatest play-callers of all time.

With trade speculation out of the way, Payton turned his attention to current players’ performances and injury updates.

Payton confirmed that Jameis Winston suffered a season-ending ACL tear and elaborated on the circumstances of the injury.

"“You look at [Winston’s] injury, that was a classic field turf injury. I do not think that happens on grass. I know right now the data says there’s a 28% chance more likely we’ll have an injured player when we play on artificial surfaces, and this was one of those cases.”"

This coming from a coach who nearly lost Week 8’s game for the Saints by calling a pair of passing plays with less than two minutes in the fourth quarter. He can do detailed research on turf injuries but can’t tell Siemian to hand the ball to Kamara to run down the clock?

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton squashes QB trade speculation

As fickle as Payton’s play-calling has been this season, he remains one of the smartest minds in the league and proved that he was not a robot when he cried upon seeing Jameis Winston on crutches in the locker room. (Tears of water, not milk.)

Despite his fourth-quarter hiccup, Payton did coach Trevor Siemian and the Saints to an unlikely victory against Tampa Bay, so Saints fans have every reason to believe him when he says the Saints don’t have a QB problem.

He shared some positive thoughts on Siemian’s strengths after the game:

"“We knew [Siemian] was someone who had a quick release, good feet, and he is smart. He has good athleticism and we had a chance to acquire him last year to get to know him more. I would say he picks things up very quick, the ball comes out quick, and that served him well yesterday with the pressure we were getting.”"

Compared to when starting QB Drew Brees got hurt last season, the circumstances feel different now.

The Saints’ quarterback rotation going forward will likely feature a combination of Siemian and Taysom Hill once Hill has cleared concussion protocol, and between the two of them, neither really inspires confidence as an every-game starter.

And don’t forget about rookie Ian Book, who rounds out the QB room as someone Payton feels “comfortable” about being the backup.

Rumors surrounding Brees and Philip Rivers as potential targets continue to swirl in the aftermath of Winston’s injury, but Payton made it crystal clear in this conference call that the Saints weren’t looking for external options.

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The ragtag group of Siemian, Hill, and Book will do for now. Who knows, under Sean Payton’s magical tutelage, the three stooges could transform into worthy franchise quarterbacks yet.