Saints: Trading Trevor Siemian to Cleveland could be intriguing

Trevor Siemian, New Orleans Saints (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Trevor Siemian, New Orleans Saints (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

Oh, to be a Browns fan. We don’t know what that’s like, and we hope we never will. The New Orleans Saints could have a potential trade partner in the Cleveland Browns, though, as Cleveland may be looking for a QB in 2021.

Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report recently revealed a list of the NFL’s top ten trade targets based on each team’s “on-field and salary-cap situations, players’ roles, any relevant trade buzz and a little common sense.”

Trevor Siemian made the list, with Knox proposing Siemian could find a home in Cleveland instead.

"While New Orleans Saints backup Trevor Siemian might not be a first-choice replacement option, teams could do worse—and he could, at the very least, help fill a vacancy on the depth chart."

Teams “could do worse.” That about sums up Siemian’s impact for the Saints so far, who at best could be considered a QB3. Jameis Winston is the de facto starter, followed by Taysom Hill, and then rookie Ian Book may even have a step ahead of him.

After Baker Mayfield’s injury in Week 6, Cleveland is one of many teams currently without a defined starting quarterback. Others include the Seattle Seahawks (missing Russell Wilson), the Houston Texans (missing Tyrod Taylor), and the Washington Football Team (missing Ryan Fitzpatrick).

New Orleans Saints: Is backup QB Trevor Siemian better off elsewhere?

Siemian, whose longest tenure has been with the Denver Broncos, has a 13-12 starting record and honestly isn’t the worst QB the Browns could nab on the market — assuming the Saints are willing to part ways with him in the first place.

Hill suffered a concussion in Week 5, so New Orleans may have reason to hold onto Siemian for a bit longer.

The Browns had spot-starter Case Keenum take the field in Week 7, who is quite the NFL journeyman having played on seven different teams in his ten years in the league.

Keenum may have the extra padded experience, but Siemian offers a younger arm and a hell of a nickname at that: T-Money Swizzle.

Few NFL teams keep four quarterbacks on the roster anyhow, so Siemian is one especially fringe-worthy and expendable Saints player this season.

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As Knox has already pointed out, trading Siemian just makes sense. Come trade deadline, if Hill has already cleared concussion protocols, New Orleans should dangle Siemian on the market to at least see what teams would be willing to offer.