Saints: Taysom Hill ties a Drew Brees record

Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

We never thought the names “Taysom Hill” and “Drew Brees” would be in the same sentence, but both New Orleans Saints players have been recognized for the same achievement.

After recording two rushing scores in Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants, Hill has officially tied Drew Brees for the most rushing touchdowns in Saints franchise history.

Hill played a stellar game against the Giants with many lauding his do-it-all qualities. He finished the game throwing 2-of-3 for 9 yards and one interception and rushing 28 yards on six carries and two touchdowns.

Hill’s TDs weren’t enough to win the game for the Saints, who fell to a Saquon Barkley-led late New York surge.

New Orleans Saints versatile weapon Taysom Hill ties Drew Brees for most Saints’ rushing touchdowns

One of Hill’s rushes was especially spectacular, and we think you already know what we’re talking about.

The one where he shed seven tackles and twisted and turned and muscled his way into the red zone as he completed an 8-yard touchdown run. We’d expect a big play like that from Alvin Kamara, but Hill surprised us all with his grit and grown man-strength.

Here, Hill is at his most dominant. He’s best used as a trick play guy who can catch unsuspecting defenses off guard and improvise on the spot. We’ve long said Winston is the better quarterback, and that still holds true. Watching Hill throw is beyond excruciating, and he plays much too “cute” to be New Orleans’ primary signal-caller.

But give Hill a shotgun snap and he’ll plow through a defensive line like a running back, dance his way out of tackles like a wide receiver, and get the ball to the end zone like the impact player he is.

It’s a huge honor to rival Drew Brees in any statistic, but Hill deserves this one. With plenty of football left to go, Hill will likely surpass Brees in rushing touchdowns in 2021. Hopefully he can break the record and win the game for New Orleans next time.

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New Orleans will have to go back to the drawing-room to figure out where they went wrong against the Giants (Hint: it’s a lot of places), but they can rest easy knowing Hill is still one of the most versatile and tactically savvy players on this team. Play him at his strengths and he won’t let you down.