Saints: Trevor Siemian set to be No. 2 quarterback this season

Trevor Siemian, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Trevor Siemian, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /

The New Orleans Saints just released quarterback Trevor Siemian as part of the final round of roster cuts, but they’ll sign him again soon enough.

NFL’s Tom Pelissero reported that the Saints plan to bring Siemian back once they place players on IR, PUP, and other injury lists.

Siemian’s release, then, is just procedural. When Siemian rejoins the roster, the Saints will carry four quarterbacks into the 2021 season, assuming Taysom Hill is still even competing for that position.

Some are less than enthused about the Saints’ decision to hold onto Siemian.

After losing Drew Brees to retirement, rostering a quartet of quarterbacks seems like the appropriate response to trying to fill Brees’ enormous shoes. Stack all four together and you still wouldn’t reach Brees’ levels of efficiency and production.

But the 2021 season begins a new era for the Saints, one which rests squarely on starting quarterback Jameis Winston’s shoulders. If Winston starts to throw one too many interceptions, Siemian should be an adequate backup.

New Orleans Saints: Trevor Siemian will rejoin team after final roster cuts

Or should we say, “T-Money Sizzle.” In his four-year career, Siemian has passed for over 5,500 yards and 30 touchdowns recording a pass completion rate of 59.2 percent. Nothing to marvel at, but he’s got the experience at least.

Who Dat Dish’s Leigh Oleszczak wrote about Siemian winning the backup quarterback job a month ago:

"It’s hard to deny that Siemian backing up Winston makes the Saints offense better, as it’d allow for Hill to be that offensive weapon that has made him so feared in the league."

Siemian got used to taking a backseat on the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets, and it seems likely he’ll do so again this season.

While New Orleans still have a young quarterback prospect in Ian Book, Siemian as the backup gives Book more time to develop and also gives the team stability and (hopefully) ball security.

Siemian was sacked 64 times in his final two seasons at Denver, and though his offensive line at the time could also be blamed, his decision-making remains an area of improvement.

He joins wide receiver Chris Hogan as the latest two procedural roster cuts who still have bright futures on the team. Well, we’re not so sure about Hogan, but at least the Saints will have plenty of quarterbacks to go around this season.

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For a light (but dark-humored) chuckle, read one of the comments under Pelissero’s tweet about the Saints “cutting” Siemian: “Making another veteran jobless, what has America come to! Respect our troops”

Siemian will be back, don’t worry. Respect our troops indeed.