3 Saints who are tumbling in value after preseason opener

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Saints who tumbled in value – No. 3: Pete Werner

Pete Werner was injured and didn’t play against the Ravens on Saturday. As I mentioned on the intro slide, Werner isn’t in danger of being cut. He’s a second-round rookie who the Saints took to up the ante at the linebacker position and, to their credit, drafting Werner has lit a fire under Zack Baun.

Baun is the other player I discussed who “turned up the heat” in the preseason opener. Baun has had a really good summer both in training camp and the one preseason game that’s taken place and this is making it tough for Werner to earn a starting job.

This isn’t to say that Werner won’t get plenty of opportunities during the season to prove what he can do but for now, his value is definitely tumbling. He’s only a rookie though, so being a backup isn’t a bad situation for the Ohio State product to be in.

It might not be fair that Werner missed the game due to injury but hopefully, the Saints will get a chance to see him in action on Monday when the Jaguars come to town.