New Orleans Saints: What to make from first group of roster cuts

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The New Orleans Saints lost to the Ravens in their preseason opener and cuts had to be made after the first game.

The Saints’ cuts, as of now, are cornerback Prince Amukamara, Stevie Scott, and Noah Spence. None of these are all that shocking but Amukamara was a recent signing, so he certainly didn’t spend much time with the Saints. The fact that he couldn’t make a good enough impression to stick with a team who desperately needs help at corner means it was probably a good thing that he was waived.

Spence is a former second-round pick by the Buccaneers and hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2019 when he was with Washington. There wasn’t a ton of optimism for Spence as far as making New Orleans’ roster but getting waived this early in the preseason gives him a chance to hook on somewhere else.

Scott didn’t have a good shot to make the roster but after Tony Jones Jr. put on quite the show on Saturday night, the writing was on the wall for the rookie out of Indiana. There’s still potential for Scott to be a good running back but he won’t be doing so with the Saints.

The Saints are cutting their first round of players

None of these names getting waived isn’t surprising in the least bit. The Saints might not be set up well at cornerback but Amukamara struggled to do much of anything in practice and didn’t make a good impression. That made it easy for the Saints to part ways with him.

Spence and Scott were long-shots to make the roster anyway and now will have chances to make it with other teams if anyone scoops them up.

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More cuts will be coming as we progress through training camp but these three players are the first having to find new homes.