Saints rightfully taking their time with quarterback decision

New Orleans Saints - Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
New Orleans Saints - Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

The biggest storyline surrounding the New Orleans Saints is easily their quarterback conundrum. Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston are battling it out for the starting job and to this point, it hasn’t been going great.

As a result, it’s a smart decision for head coach Sean Payton to take his time when making the decision as to who will be the starter for Week 1’s game against the Packers. Payton said there’s no timetable when it comes to picking the starter but obviously a decision will have to be made prior to the start of the season.

When speaking to the media, Payton said he wants to see both guys through all three preseason games, giving them plenty of time to prove they have what it takes to be Drew Brees’ successor.

Sean Payton taking his time with picking next New Orleans Saints QB

There are pros and cons for either option.

If the Saints go with Winston — who is the favorite as of now — they’ll have a guy who isn’t shy when it comes to throwing the deep ball. Winston has slightly outperformed Hill in camp having more good days than Hill has to this point.

The cons with Winston as the starter, however, is that he can’t take care of the football. He totaled 30 interceptions during his last season as a starter and that’s a tough thing to do in this era of football, even with how much the ball is aired out.

With Hill, the Saints know he can lead the team to victories, as he did it last year when Brees was forced to miss time. He had a good roster surrounding him, which definitely aided him in those victories.

The reason Hill is typically frowned upon is that he’s not a traditional quarterback and he’s at his best when he’s able to be used as a Swiss army knife. His strength in the game is that he’s strong in several different aspects on offense and the Saints hopefully can still use him in that role if Winston wins the job.

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Payton is wise to wait before naming the Saints’ quarterback for the 2021 season but until then, every single throw will be overanalyzed.