Tre’Quan Smith thinks he and Saints WRs can get it done in 2021

Tre'Quan Smith, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Tre'Quan Smith, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

Don’t hold your breath on the New Orleans Saints signing a veteran receiver (Chris Hogan hardly counts). According to Tre’Quan Smith, the Saints are going to be just fine going into the season with their current banged-up receiver unit.

Need a refresher? Michael Thomas will miss the start of the season. Deonte Harris recently got into some hot water with his DUI arrest. And, let’s see…we have to look up the Saints wide receiver depth chart because we honestly don’t know who they have left.

There’s Marquez Callaway, Kawaan Baker, Lil’Jordan Humphrey. And obviously Smith himself, who has plenty to prove this year, but he hardly batted an eye or stuttered when asked about the current state of the Saints wide receivers.

Smith said this about the Saints’ receiver unit at training camp on Thursday:

"We feel very confident in ourselves as players, as competitors, that we can compete with any other team…We’re not scared of nobody, we don’t feel like we need anybody. At the end of the day, Mickey knows enough and he trusts us, he trusts us for a reason."

Smith’s comments echo those of Mickey Loomis on Wednesday at training camp. Loomis told reporters, “Yeah, look, I think we like our group of receivers, probably more than some of the media guys do.”

Tre’Quan Smith has unshaken confidence in New Orleans Saints WRs this season

A little faith in your receiver unit never hurt, but Loomis and Smith have to look at the bigger picture. (Blind faith is never a good thing.)

When your receivers are dropping like flies and you resort to bringing someone like Chris Hogan on the team (have we emphasized how bad a signing that was?), there’s at least some cause for concern. With the ongoing Winston-Hill training camp battle, too, New Orleans’ offense remains clouded with uncertainty and nail-biting anxiety.

Of course, when he has microphones shoved in his face and reporters jotting down his every word, what was Smith supposed to say? That he doesn’t believe in the Saints’ receivers? That he doesn’t think the Saints are prepared enough?

His assured comments may be as much about saving face as it is about saving his own job. Smith enters his fourth year with New Orleans, and following his previous lackluster seasons, everyone is expecting him to step up in a big way.

It’s break out or get out for Smith, and he’ll only have extra pressure if the Saints do spring for a veteran wideout before the end of offseason.

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For now, Smith’s faith in the current Saints’ receiver group carries good intentions, if nothing else. Maybe if he manifests enough good vibes for the receivers, something miraculous happens. Like Davante Adams coming to New Orleans.

We can dream.