New Orleans Saints: 5 players who stood out on Day 2 of training camp

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New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints defensive end Payton Turner (98) – Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints wrapped up their second day of practice and there was plenty to unpack from Day 2. Fans were allowed to attend this practice, which was the first time Saints fans got to watch their team practice since 2019.

During practice and the media sessions that followed, there were five players that stood out from the second day of training camp. Some of these players are big names and others are hoping to be big names in New Orleans when the season is all said and done.

Whatever the reason, these five players captured my attention and I wanted to take some time to talk about them and what it means for the Saints’ season moving forward.

New Orleans Saints who stood out – No. 5: Payton Turner

The Saints surprised a lot of people when they took Payton Turner with their first-round pick, mostly because they already have a similar player on their roster in the form of Marcus Davenport. Turner could follow in the same path of Davenport as a guy the Saints seemingly reached on in the first round but hopefully, Turner creates his own legacy and it’s a good legacy.

Turner makes my list from Day 2 standouts because he lined up at the right defensive end spot with the starters and the second team. This, of course, is relevant because that’s where Davenport was slated to potentially start this year. Davenport has to earn it and if his career to this point is any indicator, Turner might be able to win there.

As a first-round pick, Turner is going to get plenty of attention throughout the summer and it’s good to see him out there taking snaps with the first-team. David Onyemata’s suspension creates question marks along the defensive line so any positive impact from Turner would make fans feel much better.

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