Saints: Current offensive lineman is the team’s best value draft pick

The offensive line of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images)
The offensive line of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) /

The New Orleans Saints struck gold when they took Terron Armstead with the No. 75 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. As a result, Armstead was named the Saints’ best value draft pick since 2006 by Pro Football Focus.

Michael Renner wrote the article and had this to say as to why he chose Armstead as the Saints’ best value pick:

"Our love for the Saints’ drafting of late is no secret. It’s hard not to like what they’ve done, given that they continually find gems like Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara on Day 2. Armstead gets the nod for a number of reasons, however. First, like Thomas and Kamara, Armstead is in the mix for the best at his respective position when healthy. He’s had two seasons with 90.0-plus overall grades in his career. The bigger reason, though, is how difficult it is to find elite left tackles. To get one at 75th overall is massive value."

It really is impressive what kind of talent the Saints have been able to find in the later rounds and the fact that they got their left tackle of the past eight seasons in the third round is astounding. Not only that, but Armstead hailed from the unknown college of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, making this pick that much more incredible.

The Saints’ best value pick is none other than Terron Armstead.

Saints fans know how lucky they are to have Armstead and that finding reliable left tackles in the third round is a rarity, especially when they hail from smaller schools. This is a team that has always been able to count on their offensive line year after year and that’s something every team strives for.

Unfortunately, Armstead is entering the final year of his five-year contract and top-tier left tackles aren’t cheap by any means (just ask Trent Williams of the 49ers). This means that, in all likelihood, Armstrong will be donning a different team’s uniform next year, especially since the Saints have issues with their cap space.

It’s not surprising to see Armstead as the pick for Renner’s list and it’s really something that Armstead inched out both Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, who are two of the best in the league at skills positions, therefore making them bigger names.

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Armstead is definitely an unsung hero but to Saints fans, they know what the guy can do and how lucky the team is to have him on the left side of the offensive line.