Was the Saints 2021 schedule leaked?

Marshon Lattimore #23 of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Marshon Lattimore #23 of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

The Saints‘ 2021 schedule might be revealed several hours before the league was set to unveil the entire 2021 NFL schedule. This is unofficial, of course, but if this is the Saints’ actual schedule, fans are in for quite a fun ride!

Dov Kleiman tweeted out the Saints’ schedule and claims it was leaked. I want to be clear here when I state that this is unofficial and has not been confirmed yet. Still, we want to discuss it because it’s fun and as I mentioned above, this is an intriguing schedule!

The first thing that jumped out to me when looking over the schedule was that New Orleans will not only host a game on Thanksgiving but they’ll get the feisty Buffalo Bills visiting the Superdome. That’s going to be a really fun primetime affair for everyone who is home with their families on Thanksgiving.

The Saints are no stranger to having played on Thanksgiving and the Bills also have recently done so, knocking off the Cowboys two years ago on Turkey Day. This could be an explosive matchup between two good offenses and this was a terrific game to pick for the night game on Thanksgiving.

The Saints’ 2021 schedule has been potentially linked, but nothing is confirmed.

Aside from that Thanksgiving matchup against the Bills, New Orleans has another Thursday night game the following week against Dallas and then plays on Sunday Night Football two weeks later against the Buccaneers. They have two scheduled games for Monday Night Football, one on the road in Seattle in late October and the other at home against Miami late in the season.

According to the leaked schedule, the Saints would finish their 2021 season on the road against the Falcons. Neither game against the Bucs is scheduled for a noon kickoff, as the first one, set to take place on Halloween, will be at 3:25 while the second one is scheduled for Sunday Night Football on Dec. 19.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that games later in the season can be flexed out if a more intriguing matchup pops up or if one of the two teams in primetime simply isn’t living up to the hype.

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Again, this is unofficial. We’ll get the official schedule release this evening when the league officially unveils every game for the 2021 NFL season.