Saints voted as NFL’s No. 2 most relaxed fanbase during NFL Draft

The New Orleans Saints had an interesting draft. In 2020, the team turned heads by drafting an offensive lineman in the first round, Cesar Ruiz from Michigan. In 2021, the team turned head by drafting a defensive end in the first round, Payton Turner from Houston.

The unique thing that you have to sit back and be happy about is that the team has the ability to draft certain ways because most of their roster is filled out. Outside of a second cornerback, the Saints’ starters were pretty much already set for next season.

Therefore, the team really could have afforded to go any way they wanted in the first round. Turner, who was a later second-round prospect jumped all the way up to No. 28 in the first round because the Saints thought he might not make it back to them.

According to a study done by Planet 7, the New Orleans Saints fans were the No. 2 most relaxed fanbase during the 2021 NFL Draft.

Obviously, they had a very high interest in him. Let’s just hope that it all pays off. However, aside from who the team drafted. Apparently, the team’s fanbase “Who Dat Nation” was ranked the No. 2 most relaxed fanbase during the draft, according to a study done by Planet 7 Casino.

There could be many reasons that this was the case.

If you haven’t paid attention to the Saints drafts at all over the years, you can look back and see that the players the team has drafted in rounds one through five or six typically end up playing for the team for long periods of time.

Sean Payton and his staff also seem to find gems in the middle of the draft.

After all, Alvin Kamara was a third-round pick and now considered one of the best running back in football. Who Dat Nation was able to be relaxed because they undoubtedly know they are in good hands.

The only team to come ahead of the Saints was the New York Jets who have anticipated the selection of their new franchise quarterback. Who Dat Nation consistently ranks inside of the top of almost all fanbase studies.

Pat yourself on the back.