New Orleans Saints could trade back for a multitude of picks

New Orleans Saints (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
New Orleans Saints (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The New Orleans Saints have the No. 28 pick in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft. This area of the first round is no stranger to the Saints. They have pretty much fallen into the late first round for the majority of the last decade.

However, typically the team is known for making moves. In 2018, the team traded two firsts and a fifth to move up to No. 14 to get Marcus Davenport. In 2014, New Orleans traded a first and third-round pick to move up seven spots in that draft.

There are two options when you trade your draft picks — you can either trade up or you can trade down. In this instance, I think the Saints should move down and not just a couple of picks. I think the team should trade all the way back into the second round.

While on the clock, the Saints need to opt to trade the No. 28 pick to move back into the early second round with two other picks added as well.

There really isn’t any player that I can see falling to the Saints at No. 28 that they can’t get a comparable player in the early stages of the second round. Plus, by trading back, the team will be able to add more picks to their arsenal.

With the number of players that the team had to release or opt not to re-sign because of the lowered cap, New Orleans is in need of a multitude of players to help add to the depth of the starters that are almost set.

If the Saints were to trade down into the early stages of the second round, they could likely pull a second-round, third-round, and fourth-round pick for their No. 28 overall pick. That would add two extra picks to the already loaded lineup that the Saints have.

The Saints have needs at defensive tackle, defensive end, cornerback, wide receiver, and offensive line. They’ve either watched big-time players be let go and just sign elsewhere as the available cap space has been dramatically restricted due to massive spending over the last half a decade.

This type of deal, if possible, would give them two second-round picks, three third-round picks, two fourth-round picks, a sixth-round pick, and two seventh-round picks. It could give them an opportunity to add talent all over the roster.

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