4 prospects the Saints should 100 percent gamble on in 2021 NFL Draft

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(Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

The New Orleans Saints are heading into the 2021 NFL Draft with a plethora of picks and a few major holes, but regardless of their need, they should still take a chance as a few high-potential prospects.

It’s tough really looking at the Saints and not seeing a few glaring holes. After their hectic offseason of releasing most of their high-impact veterans, the Saints will be left with a top-heavy roster.

Despite having some flaws on their roster, the NFC South-reigning New Orleans Saints should look into targeting these high-risk, high-reward prospects.

Coming into the offseason, the Saints were in one of the biggest salary cap holes in modern NFL history. Behind an absolutely fantastic job from Mickey Loomis, the team worked their way out of that hole.

The sad part is that in doing so the team lost impactful veterans like Janoris Jenkins and Emmanuel Sanders. Trey Hendrickson and Sheldon Rankins also couldn’t be re-signed given the cap constraints.

The team did bring back safety Marcus Williams and Jameis Winston, making the offseason a win. They’ll still need more help though. That said, let’s dive into four prospects it’ll be worth gambling on if they fall to either No. 28 or a later-round pick for New Orleans.

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