Saints continue to save cap, restructure Demario Davis, Cam Jordan’s contract

Kwon Alexander, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Kwon Alexander, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

In a quest to get under the salary cap, the New Orleans Saints are making more moves.

They’ve already lowed Drew Brees‘s contract to the minimum, and then the team released Nick Easton. They’ve also released Thomas Morstead. New Orleans may also be planning on trading Malcom Brown but that has yet to happen.

Having already restructured Michael Thomas‘s contract, the Saints still had a few big names that had yet to have their deals altered.

Now, that number is even less as Demario Davis and Cameron Jordan have both had their contracts restructured. Alvin Kamara, who along with Davis received a new deal last offseason, could still be on the list of players that get their deals financially elongated.

The New Orleans Saints have restructured the contracts of Demario Davis and Cam Jordan, saving around $13.4 million in cap space according to Ian Rapoport.

The Saints still have quite a bit more to go in order to get under the cap, as Rapoport noted. CBS Sports’ Bryan DeArdo had pointed out that, prior to Saturday’s moves, the Saints were about $62 million over the cap, so they should be just under $50 million now.

That’s significant still, and players like Latavius Murray could still be on the chopping block as the offseason continues.

New Orleans is going to lose some talent, and while they’ll have the draft to bring in additional bodies, it won’t be easy to replace the talent that they’ll inevitably have to lose.

That said, Marcus Williams and Jameis Winston are the two names to note. Sheldon Rankins and Trey Hendrickson seem as good as gone, but Winston and Williams are likely to have their next contracts negotiated. That’s the talent the Saints do not want to lose.

With the team pushing to clear cap space, there has to be a target when the team gets in the green.

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It’ll be Williams or Winston, and hopefully, they’ll both be brought back to the Big Easy. If they do, this team should have a Super Bowl-contending roster despite Drew Brees’s retirement on the horizon.