Saints opened the path for Adam Trautman to thrive in 2021

Adam Trautman, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Adam Trautman, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

With the current cap situation the way it is, the Saints are forced into making decisions that they would not otherwise make. For example, they are going to end up releasing and not re-signing players that they would normally try to retain.

The most recent of those the team has chosen to release are two of the three Saints’ tight ends — Jared Cook and Josh Hill. No doubt this move was made in order to save the team money to get under the cap or move elsewhere.

However, the only one left on the roster after that move is second-year player Adam Trautman. Most likely the team will look to acquire another tight end for very cheap in the upcoming free agency period, but it is Trautman’s team now.

With the release of Jared Cook and Josh Hill, the Saints opened the door at the position for Adam Trautman to thrive in the 2021 season.

The team has just shown their immense reliability upon Trautman to lead the tight ends. Towards the end of the year, Trautman began improving about the foundation he already had. He showed the team that he has the makings of an NFL tight end.

Trautman ended his rookie campaign with 15 receptions for 171 yards and one touchdown. The 255-pound tight end did all that in just six starts on the year. He also didn’t have a single dropped pass all season.

If Trautman saw the same pass share that even Jared Cook saw, he would have tremendously higher statistics. This upcoming year, that is what you can expect out of this tight end. He will be a great weapon for whoever the Saints find under center this year.

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This will be one of the more interesting developments of a player for the team over the next year. I am hopeful that Trautman will come out and show that he is worth what they are trusting him with. Only time will tell.