Saints’ Cam Jordan states who he thinks is the next QB

Cameron Jordan #94 of the New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Cameron Jordan #94 of the New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

In a recent interview done with Morten Anderson, Cam Jordan signaled to who he thinks might be the next starting quarterback for the Saints.

With the possibility of an over-decade-long quarterback retiring, the stakes are high to find a replacement that can continue to lead the Saints at roughly the same pace that Brees was at the end of his career.

The Saints are in a unique position. Their biggest offseason task is to find a replacement for Brees at the quarterback position. The biggest issue the team is facing in that task is that they have no money to take on a contract of that size.

The team has been linked to big-name trades for Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson, but even if they have enough capital to get the trade-off, they still have to worry about what those types of player’s contracts are going to cost the team.

There are also relatively good free agents on the market this year, but again, the team is running into the problem of having no money. Sean Payton has also said that the quarterback of the future is in the room already.

Has Payton said even more than that? According to John Hendrix via Cam Jordan, he has.

Jameis Winston up next is I believe what Sean Payton said. Sean wouldn’t say he’s fighting for Jameis to be back if our goal was to have Taysom (Hill), but that’s again rare instances where it’s beyond my pay grade. Rare.”

Analyzing players’ statements about the situation gives us a huge glean into what the front office might be thinking. Looking at this statement, it looks like Jordan fully believes that the Saints will not only re-sign Winston but that he will get the starting job.

Winston, in 2019, was the NFL passing leader with over 5,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. Most people want to hound him for the 30 interceptions, but with Sean Payton as his coach, things are going to be different.

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If the Saints can get Winston for the right price, he will be the quarterback of the future in New Orleans. According to Jordan, he believes that Winston is that player which goes along way in the locker room next season.