Saints aren’t predicted to sign a single top-150 free agent

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Pro Football Focus released their top-150 NFL free agents. Several New Orleans Saints were on the list, but none returned to the Big Easy.

PFF didn’t only list their top-150 free agents, but they also gave suggestions on what their next contract may look like and predicted what team could sign them. For the Saints, they had several players heading elsewhere, but not a single free agent listed signed with New Orleans.

Sheldon Rankins, Trey Hendrickson, Jameis Winston, and Marcus Williams were all listed as top free agents, but sadly, the Saints weren’t able to re-sign any of them. On top of missing out on their own free agents, New Orleans failed to add more talent.

They have Williams going to the Jags, Hendrickson to the Bills, and Winston to the Colts. It really isn’t the craziest set of predictions from Pro Football Focus either.

The Saints have the least cap space in the NFL, and although they’ll want to at least bring back Hendrickson and Winston, the fact of the matter is that other franchises will be able to offer those talented stars much more.

PFF didn’t list a prediction as to where all the free agents will head as many of those past the top 50 would be just a guess from highly respected website.

So, there could be some hope that the Saints bring in talent, but it is still pretty unlikely that they bring in more talent instead of giving any available cap space to bring back Winston.

Winston and Hendrickson should be the goal for New Orleans, and with the Saints already clearing $30 million by releasing Nick Easton and restructuring Drew Brees’ contract, there could be potential for them to make the necessary moves to open up the space.

With Brees likely retiring, the team must be able to retain a player like Brees, or they’ll likely be heading into next season with a rookie starting. While Taysom Hill is on the roster, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be the starter, especially with Winston said to be in the “driver’s seat.

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The Saints are strapped against the cap, but Mickey Loomis has always found a way to make the right moves to keep this team in contention. There should be faith that he’ll be able to make those same moves this offseason.