New Orleans Saints: Last 3 No. 28 NFL Draft picks

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(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The New Orleans Saints have the No. 28 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft; let’s take a look back at the previous three year’s No. 28 picks.

The New Orleans Saints are coming up on another offseason with another NFL Draft to prepare for. Because of where they fell in the playoffs this year, the team came away with the No. 28 pick in this year’s draft which is just fifth from the bottom.

Last year, the team used their first-round pick on offensive lineman Cesar Ruiz from the University of Michigan. For the most part, the entire fan base thought they were going to use that pick to draft a linebacker or a wide receiver so it shocked everyone.

That was a couple of picks higher in the first round though. Being butt all the way back gives them two options. One, they need to find a way to trade up into a higher draft pick; or two, they need to find a hidden gem among the pack to draft at No. 28.

The history of the No. 28 draft pick has not been bad. In fact, over the last three years, the Steelers, Ravens, and Chargers have all used the No. 28 pick to their advantage and found that diamond in the rough at the end of the first round.

Let’s look back on the last three years of the No. 28 draft pick.

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