Saints’ GM made this bold statement about team’s future

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With some weighty decisions on the table for the staff and front office, the Saints’ general manager had this to say when asked about the team’s future.

The New Orleans Saints might not be looking forward to the offseason as much as we are. As fans, it is an exciting time to get to see what the team is going to look like for the coming year — the additions and subtractions from the previous year.

However, for the front office and coaching staff, the offseason might not be so exciting. While it does come with opportunity, it also comes with a heavy weight of having to make decisions of who gets to stay with your team and who doesn’t.

Sometimes, as well, you don’t even get to make that decision. Sometimes, people leave on their own; people retire; people move on. This year, obviously, Drew Brees is going to be the main talking point among staff in the coming months.

Replacing a future Hall-of-Famer is not going to be an easy task. The Saints’ general manager Mickey Loomis didn’t have much to say about the impending offseason tasks of his staff, but he did make one thing clear, the team was not entering a rebuilding stage.

According to Mike Triplett from ESPN, Loomis said “Listen, we’ve got a great roster. And I can’t foresee a circumstance where we’re not going to say, ‘Man, we’re gonna do everything we can to win — win now and compete for a championship,'”

The Saints have multiple superstars at their positions. While the loss of Drew Brees will be felt immensely, it should not detract from the overall goal — win a Super Bowl. This is one of the brightest things we have heard from Loomis in a while.

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It should encourage all Saints’ fans to know that even in the post-Brees era, the Saints will still be a top contender to win the Super Bowl. The team is also coming off a streak of four straight NFC South championship that they will be looking to continue.