3 turning points of the Saints 30-20 Divisional Round loss

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Number Two: Brees’ First Interception of Second Half

Drew Brees struggled with accuracy and ball control throughout the entire game, but his worst throw of the night could have been his first interception of the second half (his second of the game) that Devin White came up with.

Brees was looking to make a big play to Alvin Kamara and get New Orleans back in the game, but his pass was cut off by Devin White who took to ball to the New Orleans 20-yard line as a result.

Brees, who was starting to get in a bit of a groove, was trying to get the Saints down the field to hopefully tie or lead the game. The Saints were down 23-20 with 9:52 left to play when this interception happened and it absolutely sucked the life out of the Saints.

This play led to a Tampa Bay touchdown and pretty much seemed to put a nail in the coffin that the Saints would not be winning. Brees had his fair share of good throws on Sunday night, but he also had a few bad throws.

This interception sucked the life out of his teammates and put the team in a very bad position to try to win the game. While his throw wasn’t the only reason New Orleans lost, this was certainly a momentum play for the boys in white and red.