The Packers are the New Orleans Saints only threat for the NFC’s No. 1 seed

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The New Orleans Saints will head into Week 14 with a chance to clinch their division, but this time around, that won’t be enough for their appetite.

Week 14 could be a historic week for the NFC South. If the Saints down the hopeless Eagles or the Bucs lose, New Orleans will win the division for a fourth consecutive season, marking the most straight division titles in the four-team NFC South.

The Saints went 11-5 when they first conquered the division. Then they had two three-loss seasons. Now, they may top that as they’ll enter the last quarter of the season with a mere two losses.

But, winning the division won’t be enough. They did that last season, ended in third place in the conference, and dropped their first-round game to the Minnesota Vikings, one that certainly still haunts many of the Saints.

The Saints, now that only one team gets a bye, cannot let that happen again.

While they may not necessarily have to win out this season, they must get past the three-loss Packers, who are led by MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers. The Saints still have the Chiefs on their schedule. Both teams have rather tough schedules to win out.

The Packers face the Lions, Bears, Titans, and Panthers — all teams that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As for the Saints, they have the one-loss Chiefs. That’s really all you need to know as they’ll be the toughest team either franchise faces.

The Saints can’t do anything other than face the teams that are in front of them and win with their league-best defense. They’ll have some strong opponents, and slowing down a relentless Patrick Mahomes isn’t easy.

Getting the No. 1 seed, like it was relied upon last season by the game against San Fran last in the season, may come down to a few big-time games down the stretch.

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They’ll get some cushon if the Packers drop one, but the Saints need to take care of business and keep Green Bay in mind as they race for the No. 1 seed, one they’re currently in the lead for.