The New Orleans Saints should sign these free agents immediately

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Although the Saints have been dominant over the past few months, they could still use some help before gearing up for an intense postseason run.

The New Orleans Saints became the first NFL team in 2020 to clinch a playoff berth on Sunday following their 21-16 win over the Atlanta Falcons, but there are still some players the team should consider signing before their playoff run begins.

It seems a bit hard to believe, but the Saints have the top-ranked defense in the NFL and have been rolling over their opponents despite the adversity they’ve been forced to overcome.

As Saints fans, we get an uneasy feeling every Friday when the injury report comes out because it seems like in almost every game the Saints have played this season, a key name has been included on the list.

Now the Saints would likely be fine if they roll with the roster they currently have, but there are some names still on the market that the team should at least consider adding to the squad.

The Saints are going all out for a Super Bowl this season, and the following guys would make that pursuit quite a bit easier.