Saints Trade Scenarios: What would it take to add Dunlap?

The Saints could use a big-time defensive end, and the Cincinnati Bengals need draft capital — a perfect situation for both teams.

The New Orleans Saints have been battling defensive end injuries to start the season. Marcus Davenport can’t stay healthy, and who knows if Trey Hendrickson can keep up with the production he is currently at. The team needs more defensively.

Currently, all the way up in Cincinnati, the Bengals and defensive end Carlos Dunlap are in a bitter disagreement about his future with the team. In fact, it was reported today that the organization told Dunlap to stay home amid trade talks.

This is an obvious display by the organization that they have heavy intent on trading the long-time defensive end. The Saints, on the other hand, could use the skill and talent. Dunlap should be headed toward New Orleans, instead he’ll be going out West.

With the Bengals currently sitting at the bottom of their division, they should be looking more for draft capital than players in return. The Saints have plenty of draft picks in the upcoming draft to persuade the Bengals into dealing the defensive end to New Orleans.

According to the Bengals depth chart on ESPN, Dunlap is listed as the backup defensive end to Amani Bledsoe. Dunlap has 18 tackles on the year with 1.0 sacks and two tackles for a loss. He’s done all that in just under 60% of defensive snaps.

With the desperation mode that the Bengals are in to deal him, the Saints should be able to pry him from the team for a fifth or sixth-round draft pick. This would be the best deal for both sides and get everyone what they need.

The Saints could then immediately employ Dunlap in Hendrickson’s place alongside Cam Jordan or they could use him to back up Jordan and Davenport. Either way, the Saints would be in a better position to win games with a great defensive end.

UPDATE: Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Dunlap has been traded to the Seahawks. The draft wil be official later today.