New Orleans Saints: Team should sell, not buy at upcoming trade deadline

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I know the tone of this article has appeared to be negative, but that is not what I am trying to convey.

Rather, it is alarming how one-sided New Orleans’ process has been when it has come to making key decisions, and before they are in a more difficult spot moving forward, they need to do whatever it takes to save themselves.

The Saints have not looked impressive this season, and with Brees declining the way he has, I think the team’s Super Bowl hopes are starting to fade away. Luckily for them, they have trade-chips that could yield them draft picks to help them in the future.

As fun as it would be to trade for JJ Watt or AJ Green, the sight of Trey Lance in a Saints jersey is far more exciting in my eyes. With New Orleans looking like an inferior team to the Bucs, who just signed star receiver Antonio Brown, there is no point in sacrificing future assets for something that does not appear to be attainable.

Do I believe the Saints will do this? No. Most likely, I am guessing they stand pat, which is fine. What they cannot do is make a short-term-oriented trade.

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If they don’t, then they will at least have displayed some sort of responsibility when it comes to their future, which would be enough to justify having a strong process when it comes to their decision-making.