New Orleans Saints: Team should sell, not buy at upcoming trade deadline

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Throughout the Drew Brees era, the Saints have gone “all-in” to try to get him another Super Bowl. Now, they must change that approach before it is too late.

“Maximizing your window” is a common phrase when it comes to NFL team-building. Essentially, the idea is that when you have the best chance to win a Super Bowl, you should go all-in to do so. Should the Saints do that this time around?

However, winning a Super Bowl isn’t simply about being the best team, and the Saints have learned that the hard way. Despite winning a combined 35 games over the past three seasons, they have yet to even reach another Super Bowl since 2009; they definitely have dealt with poor postseason luck.

Since there is so much variance when it comes to winning in the playoffs, my No. 1 principle of tea-building is to try to build a sustainable winner, as the Patriots and Ravens have done, rather than going “all-in”.

Yet, it is too late for the Saints to do that, and now, they need to do whatever they can to save their future once Brees retires.

For that reason, not only should they not trade assets for veteran contributors, but they should do the opposite; they should be looking towards the future. In this article, let us go over the various reasons why this is the case, as well as some potential trade chips