3 things the Saints need to fix coming out of the bye week

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The New Orleans Saints had their bye week this week. Coming out of it, these are three things we need to see fixed from the team moving forward.

The New Orleans Saints are having a much-needed bye week during Week 6 of the NFL season. Not only it is time for the team to take rest and relaxation; it is a time for the team to get players back from an injury that they desperately need.

On top of that, it is time for the organization and coaches to pinpoint what has been going wrong and how to fix it.

In the first five weeks of the season, the Saints have already lost two games and are barely above a .500 record. To be honest, they probably shouldn’t even have a few of the wins they did manage to get.

For anyone who thinks that there is no room for improvement is vastly wrong. This team has to start doing things differently. I only projected the Saints to lose three games this entire year and they weren’t to the Raiders or the Packers.

Even in the wins the team has, they have looked far from good wins. They were down 20-3 against the Chargers in Week 5. As a result, things need to change.

Here are three areas that the coaches need to address in the week off.