Could the Saints move their home games to LSU?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about how the NFL conducts their regular season, and it might just run the Saints out of New Orleans.

Over the course of the beginning of the season through now, there are notable differences with the Saints. The Covid-19 pandemic that has been plaguing America has changed most of what we knew as normal.

It started off with no fans in the first eight rows, daily player testing, masks, and so on. In fact, coaches, including Sean Payton, were fined over six digits worth for not wearing their masks during the first couple of games of the year.

The NFL left the timing of allowing fans back into the stadium in the hands of each individual team. Most teams, by now, have allowed fans of some capacity back into the stadiums.

This morning fans ranged from 5,500 to 9,000 per stadium and potentially even more.

It’s not a lot, but fans are being allowed in — except in New Orleans. The mayor of New Orleans has consistently denied the Saints’ request to start trickling fans into their home games.

Multiple weeks in a row they have been denied.

The Saints are ready; obviously, the city of New Orleans isn’t.

Therefore, the Saints have recently threatened the city to start moving their home games to Baton Rouge, Lousiana to the home of the LSU Tigers if they don’t allow fans back, losing huge amounts of tax revenue for the city.

The Saints had previously talked about this change happening as soon as October 25th which is their next home game against the Carolina Panthers. The New Orleans mayor came out this week and said she thinks it would be a great idea and has no argument about the matter.

This shows that the city of New Orleans is not planning on allowing fans back at any point soon. Also, with the mayor endorsing the move, it would not surprise me if this move is made next week.

We will wait and see where the Saints end up for the rest of the season.