3 free agents the New Orleans Saints need to sign as soon as possible

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(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

After a rocky start to the season, the New Orleans Saints have a chance to right their wrongs with a few much-needed free agency signings.

The New Orleans Saints are currently sitting at 3-2 and are in first place in the highly competitive NFC South, but the team still needs some extra help in some areas of the roster. They need to improve.

The Saints’ secondary has been borderline terrible this season and the offense has also seemed to lose its spark, aside from Alvin Kamara. Injuries, inconsistent play, and a tough schedule have limited the potential the Saints have quite a bit.

Their schedule will easy up, and they do have a bye week in Week 6 which should help, but for now, they need to look around at the free agency market to figure out where they can improve. The options are there.

By signing a few guys, it will bring some fresh legs to the team for much cheaper than trading all while actually adding quality players to help the team win. Here’s a look at three free agents that the Saints should call right now.

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