Should the Saints look into trading for Allen Robinson?

The Chicago Bears have made it known that wide receiver Allen Robinson is disgruntled. Could the Saints be a possible landing spot for him?

The New Orleans Saints ended last season with a serious need for a wide receiver. After Thomas finished with the majority of targets from Brees, the team needed someone else who could step in and take more command than Tre’Quan Smith.

New Orleans took that command in the offseason when they went out and signed ex-Niners star receiver Emmanuel Sanders who is expected to be the clear counterpart to Michael Thomas on the Saints’ roster.

Fast forward to now, you have more receiver problems.

Michael Thomas went down with a high-ankle sprain in the Week 1 demolishing of the Buccaneers. Despite his optimism of coming back soon, Thomas could end up missing weeks with this injury.

Chicago Bears receiver Allen Robinson was reported to be disgruntled in Chicago and apparently wants out. Robinson wanted to be paid from the organization but has yet to receive a contract. This is also on the heels of the Bears giving Cohen a $17 million extension.

However, there are still reported to be several hurdles in the way of the Bears coming to an agreement with Robinson.

Now with both sides being ready, the biggest question is — can the Saints give the Bears enough to part ways with Allen Robinson? I don’t know if the Saints have enough draft capital that they are willing to give up or enough player personnel that they can part with.

They could offer they Tre’Quan Smith with a package of picks.

They could also package a pair of high picks to offer the Bears. Obviously, the Bears aren’t going anywhere very quickly so they could use the capital to help their rebuild, especially since the Saints may be looking at compensatory picks next year.

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Robinson is still in his prime and still producing. I don’t know what the Bears price would be, but the Saints need to be feeling them out to see if this could be a potential match for Robinson.