Saints’ Jared Cook says his relationship Drew Brees is “great”

In a recent interview on The Jim Rowe Show, Saints’ tight end Jared Cook explains what it’s like playing his second season with Drew Brees without fans.

Jared Cook arguably had the best game for the New Orleans Saints out of any other receiving players on the team in Week 1. He was second in targets behind Alvin Kamara, and he saw more than Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

He led the team in yards with 80 yards; Alvin Kamara came in second with 51 yards. While it was Emmanuel Sanders and Alvin Kamara who caught the touchdowns, Cook still played the most pivotal role in the passing game for Drew Brees.

Week 1 was also the first week playing without fans for most teams. The NFL let the cities make individual calls as to whether fans were allowed or not. Kansas City let 17,000 into their stadium, while the Saints didn’t allow anyone into theirs.

That said, Jared Cook went over that and a plethora of other interesting questions on the “The Jim Rome Show.”

After playing for the first time without fans, Jared Cook was asked the question about how it was and how he keeps him and his teammates pumped up despite not having any fans or personnel there to cheer them on.

In his response to The Jim Rowe Show, Jared Cook said, “You continue to find confidence in your teammates. If somebody does a good job, then we are the cheerleaders for your teammates; you have to be vocal about it.”

Jim Rowe goes on to ask him about his relationship with Drew Brees.

Cook responded, “My relationship to Drew Brees is great. He is a guy that leads by example. He’s always working on his body, always working on his game. It’s great just having a second season, having a playbook under my belt. Drew makes everything easier.”

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The New Orleans Saints will continue a highly-anticipated season in Week 2 against the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday night. With Michael Thomas projected to miss the game, Jared Cook should be in for even a bigger game than he had in Week 1.