Saints’ Cameron Jordan takes shot at Tampa Bay after win

After demolishing Tampa Bay in the season opener, Saints’ defensive end Cameron Jordan had some rough words for the Tampa Bay fanbase.

The New Orleans Saints crushed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 1. The Bucs held the lead for the only time in the first quarter 7-0 before the Saints went on to score 24 unanswered points and ended up winning 34-23.

As you know, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, NFL stadiums are housed without or with minimal fans as possible. The Kansas City Chiefs held 17,000 out of a possible 76,000+ in their stadium on Thursday night.

For the most part, though, NFL cities have told their teams that they are not allowed to have fans for the time being. The New Orleans Saints are one of those. So when Tampa came to town last Sunday, there were no fans in the building.

Because of that, the NFL has tried to supplement the noise with artificial noise, but it is just not the same. After the win, New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan had some harsh words to say toward the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

When he was asked in a post-game conference about how weird it feels to play with no fans, Jordan responded with a jab at the newly improved Buccaneers teams saying, “It felt like we were at a Tampa Bay game.”

Even with a future Hall of Fame quarterback, Jordan is not all that impressed with the Buccaneers team. He will, though, have a chance to test his theory when the Saints head to Tampa to play them again later on in the season.

By then, the Buccaneers chemistry should have been worked out, and we expect that to be a better game. Still, don’t ask Jordan about what it’s going to be like going into Tampa; he won’t have pleasantries to say.

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As for New Orleans, let’s just hope we can see fans in the Superdome at some point this season.