New Orleans Saints: 2 biggest mistakes made on cut day

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Keeping a fifth running back over a sixth wide receiver

The New Orleans Saints entered camp with almost a dozen receivers and only a handful of spots to cut them down to. Throughout camp, there were several receivers that became standouts and impressed the coaching staff in camp.

Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Deonte Harris were locked to make the receiver roster. Thomas and Sanders are the No. 1 and No. 2 receivers, and Harris handles all the special team’s duties. Callaway, Fowler, Smith, Butler, and Carr were all on the fence.

Tre’Quan Smith was the best of the group, but all except Austin Carr were known to have impressed scouts and coaches at some point in the training camp. Running backs, on the other hand, had five of them make the roster.

If a wide receiver handles all the ST duties than the running back has no responsibilities other than that job.

Alvin Kamara missed two games last year and backup Latavius Murray filled in for him for those games. Dwayne Washington backs him up, and Montgomery is an everything player which made cutting down a receiver possible.

With that logic, there is no need for the Saints to keep Washington as a fifth running back over another receiver like Bennie Fowler or Emmanuel Butler who both should have made the roster — especially with the injury history.