Fantasy Football: New Orleans Saints have two top-10 players

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(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

According to ESPN’s Matthew Berry, the New Orleans Saints have two, top ten fantasy football players heading into the 2020 season.

In the world of fantasy sports, players come and go with great seasons. For the New Orleans Saints, two players were able to have great years last season and be projected inside of the top ten of all players going into this season.

In a recent ranking done by ESPN’s football analyst Matthew Berry, he ranks two New Orleans Saints players inside of the top ten. The next Saints player, however, isn’t found until No. 97 in newest Saints’ receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

It isn’t surprising to find these players the highest-ranked Saints players, but to be both inside the top ten is something unique. No other NFL team has two players inside of the top ten. In fact, you have to go out to No. 15 till you get a second player from one team.

That team would be Green Bay with Aaron Jones and Davante Adams.

We know the New Orleans Saints are going to be good, but if these two players live up to the hype they are projected, they could not only lead the Saints to a Super Bowl; they could also lead your team to a fantasy football championship.

Here are the two Saints ranked inside of the top ten in fantasy football.

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