Emmanuel Sanders on Drew Brees: “Nobody is going to outwork him”

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders is getting to know his new quarterback Drew Brees, and let’s just say the veteran has been impressed.

The New Orleans Saints knew they needed to improve their receiving corps.

In 2019, it was basically comped of Michael Thomas. He was quite frankly the only consistent threat, and that’s not an over-exaggeration. Ted Ginn Jr. and Tre’Quan Smith were on the roster, but they didn’t produce much.

That’s why the team went out and signed Emmanuel Sanders to a two-year deal.

Sanders, who played in 49ers and torched the Saints in 2019, will slide in as the clear No. 2 receiver. With two Pro Bowls to his name and three 1,000-yard seasons, Sanders has been graced with several of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks throughout his career.

In his career, he’s been thrown to by 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo, Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger and future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. Sanders clearly knows a thing or two about top-tier quarterback play.

That said, what did he think of Drew Brees after the two worked out in Denver?

“Drew works. I love it. That guy, everyday he’s coming to work with energy, like nobody is going to outwork him. He’s the hardest-working guy and he reminds me a lot of Peyton (Manning). And there’s a reason why those guys are great, because they work their butt off. And it’s not just from a physical standpoint, it’s from a mental standpoint as well. They’re sharp,” Sanders told Saints’ bear writer Sam Shannon.

That’s a consistent trend. Brees is that good, and he works that hard. You don’t just become the league’s completion percentage leader for three straight seasons by showing up late and putting in the bare minimum.

Brees is going to retire with several NFL records, and he’s earned them. While he may not have an MVP to his name, he will be among the top-ten quarterbacks to ever throw the ball when it’s all said and done.

It’s because of his hard work. Sanders saw it, and fans everywhere knew it. “We’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ on a high level,” Sanders said of his knowledge of the offense and the team in general. For the newly-acquired talent, hopes are high.

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The Big Easy is excited for this duo to take the field. Let’s hope the numbers live up to the expectations.

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