Fantasy Football: 4 New Orleans Saints to avoid in your upcoming drafts

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(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The New Orleans Saints roster is stacked with talent, but there will be some players, speaking fantasy football, that you will want to avoid in your draft.

The New Orleans Saints did an amazing job stacking their roster with amazing talent this offseason. They retained the players they needed to, and they went out and replaced and added new talent to both sides of the ball.

Unfortunately, a great team in the NFL does not always mean they will have amazing fantasy players on their roster. A player who is expensive and valuable to a roster might have little to no impact in fantasy football, or, in our case, their impact may decline year-over-year.

Now, all of the Saints are not this way.

For example, Drew Brees and Jared Cook are going to be two Saints that you are going to want to own in your fantasy league, but we will go over who you want from the team in another post (be on the lookout for it).

Fantasy football is an animal that little people have tamed. If you listen to this advice, be assured you won’t regret having these players or overpaying for these players on your own roster in the uncertainty of this season.

Here are four players from the Saints roster that you will not want on your roster this season.

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