The New Orleans Saints might play zero preseason games in 2020

The NFLPA unanimously voted this week to cancel the entire 2020 preseason; therefore there will most likely be no Saints’ preseason this year.

On July 1st, the NFL announced that it was going to shorten the 2020 preseason to just two games (one home and one away for the Saints). This comes on the heels of the NFL canceling the famous Hall of Fame game late in the month of June.

Normally, the preseason consists of four games two at home and two away for each NFL team. However, we are in a time period of unpredictability, and it is about to get even heavier — now with the possibility of no preseason games.

While this has been talked about for the past several years, the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed the course of all sports is most likely going to rid the NFL of the preseason (exhibition games) for the first time since the forming of the sport of football.

After the NFL voted to lower the preseason to two games, the NFL players’ association (NFLPA) and their board members unanimously voted to get rid of all four preseason games and do training camp up until week one.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL has stated that it intends to try and go on with the 2020 season with as few changes as necessary, but the players have questions about how to safely go back to practicing and playing.

For the Saints, it is almost a relief. They were set to see the talents of the Los Angeles Rams, the Houston Texans, the Pittsburg Steelers, and the Miami Dolphins — none of which are projected to be top teams this year.

The only downfall is the fact that these players are not going to get the chance to gain chemistry with their team and the staff won’t see how they hold up under pressure. Click below to see the players that would have benefitted from preseason the most.

Even with the canceling of all preseason games, the NFL still intends to start training camp on time at the end of July and to still start week one of the regular season at the same time. The Saints will be ready to go.