Could newly acquired talent lead Jamal Adams to Saints?

Could newly acquired ex-Jet Swiss Army knife Ty Montgomery lead Jamal Adams in saying yes should the Saints show interest in trading for him?

Earlier in this offseason, the New Orleans Saints brought in a talent that they have only seen in one other player that they have. The ex-Jets running back, Ty Montgomery, is sure to rival Taysom Hill for the offensive Swiss Army knife position.

Montgomery wasn’t a highlight add for New Orleans, but he might turn into the best addition of the offseason. The signing of Montgomery came after all the hype was over with the first round of free agents.

He was also signed after the draft had been taken place. Therefore, you could virtually say that Montgomery was an afterthought of a signing. Recently though, the coaching staff has come out and said of he fits into the offense.

Whether he likes his new position with the Saints or not, he may be more valuable than first anticipated. The ex-Jet was also teammates with Jamal Adams, a superstar safety, who has requested a trade from the Jets.

In Adams list of playoff-contending teams he’d like a trade to, he didn’t tag New Orleans, despite the Saints being one of the best teams in the NFL.

Even though Adams released the teams he would like to be traded to and New Orleans wasn’t on it, they could be a late addition since the team signed a former teammate and friend of his. That could be the tipping point for Adams to be interested in the Saints.

If Montgomery could sway Adams into accepting a probable trade with the Saints, he could prove more valuable than a contract could ever show. Jamal Adams and Marshon Lattimore would be the deadliest secondary duo in the NFL.

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For Adams, he would immediately be a starter on a Super Bowl contending team; which for him, is all he wants. For the Saints, the defense would be one step closer to being the best in the league after a mediocre season last year.

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