New Orleans Saints: Jameis Winston finding creative ways to stay ready

Newly acquired backup quarterback Jameis Winston may no longer be “the guy” with the New Orleans Saints, but he is staying ready in case his number is called.

The offseason is a time for rest and relaxation for some NFL players. For others, it’s the traditional and non-traditional workout drills performed to stay in tip-top shape and focus. Just last offseason we witnessed some insane workout drills Saints’ Alvin Kamara rigorously went through to build balance and core strength.

The results of these are normally seen every football Sunday, as Kamara is one of the most elusive running backs in pro football.

Jameis Winston is looking to go the maybe non-traditional workout route when preparing for the upcoming season. In one of his latest videos to be circulating the internet, Winston is seen performing a normal 5 step drop, but instead of throwing a football, he’s swinging a baseball bat.

While many were quick to make jokes regarding this seemingly unorthodox drill, some quickly praised the intelligence of the drill. In some respects, the motion of swinging a bat and throwing a football has similarities.

This drill specifically works on the hip torque needed to improve your velocity on throwing the ball. Jameis undoubtedly understands the correlation as he was a 2 sport athlete in college where he pitched for the Florida State Seminole baseball team as well.

However to be able to get those throws off in the NFL with 300-pound lineman barreling down on you, speed and head movement may be key. What better way to learn these techniques then from a welterweight boxing champion.

Winston spent a large portion of the day with former WBC welterweight champion Keith Thurman Jr as he hit the heavy bag, went through a couple of speed drills, and agility training. Thurman was so surprised by Winston’s skills that he was quoted as saying, “He’s 26 year old.

You give me four years and I can make him a heavyweight contender!” Saints fans hope Winston keeps the cleats and leaves the gloves to the professionals.

To see Winston still hard at work honing specific skill sets should bring smiles to New Orleans Saints fans everywhere.

Here is a guy who was a former No. 1 overall draft pick, won a Rookie of the Year award, made the Pro Bowl his first NFL season and holds every major statistical quarterback record for his former team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yet, he now finds himself on a new team as a backup quarterback.

What he doesn’t find himself doing is resting on his laurels. Yes, the methodology may be unorthodox, but there is always a method to the madness. Here’s hoping those methods can pay off on the field for the New Orleans Saints sometime in the future.