Saints: With his book on the brink of release, let’s relive Thomas Morstead’s career

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Thomas Morstead has been the Saints’ punter for over a decade now, and his actions on and off the field have now inspired a children’s book.

The NFL is full of some of the biggest personalities in professional sports. Massive stars like the quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers often generate plenty of attention and are responsible for the majority of jersey sales and have the largest following among members on their team.

However, there are particular players who don’t follow the status quo when it comes to becoming popular in the NFL. Punters are the perfect example of one of these underappreciated positions that host some of the best personalities in the NFL.

Plenty of people are familiar with punters like Pat McAfee and Marquette King because of their boisterous personalities and comedic off-field presence.

However, Saints’ punter Thomas Morstead has become quite popular in his own right without being as extroverted in the public eye. Morstead’s accomplishments and character recently led to him becoming the focal point of a new children’s book titled “The Middle School Rule of Thomas Morstead”.

Morstead collaborated with the book’s writer to share some of his personal experiences in order to educate children on some of the best ways to live and learn successful and meaningful adolescent years.

However, while this book highlights Morstead’s personality more than anything, one can’t forget the legacy he’s built as a player as well.

Now that Morstead is being recognized for his personality and life experiences, I want to recognize Morstead for what he has done on the field. It’s time to remind fans of what Morstead has done for New Orleans and finally give the punter the appreciation that he deserves.