Saints: Did Michael Thomas deactivate his Twitter?

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /

Michael Thomas has dealt with people on Twitter recently putting his numbers down and he made a point to shut them down.

Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas’ Twitter account (@cantguardmike) was not active yesterday and many New Orleans Saints fans wondered if he was suspended. However, his account would be noted of a suspension if that were the case.

It’s been since confirmed he deactivated his account, then reactivated today.

If you are wondering what may have caused Thomas to do this, it may be a number of things including the protests and comments around the United States. That would be one of the likely reasons or he was just fed up with his numbers being put on blast.

If you are a frequent visitor to his page, the most likely cause of this was a parade of non-Saints fans flooding his timeline and mentions about his use of slants in the playbook.

Let’s give Twitter users the benefit of using that argument. If Thomas picks up many yards and catches based on this system, why would it matter?

In fact, we will take slants any game if it puts the ball past the first down mark or endzone. By the way, if he is running a slant, it’s because he’s been instructed to do so. If he is catching it, he’s done his job.

According to a story by Nick Underhill, “Here’s the thing: You can take every slant away from Thomas last season, and the year still ends with him leading the league in both receptions and yards.”

The same people making these accusations are the same people running the same exact plays on Madden each and every down. Do I believe he should have deactivated his account? No, but sometimes we all need a break from the noise, and I believe that’s all it was.

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As of 4 pm on May 30, Thomas is back to 411.5k followers and has ignored the haters.